Thinking of putting my skills to use for your video subtitling needs? Thanks for your consideration.

I will translate your video materials from Russian into English or the other way around and make the relevant subtitles or closed captions. I offer personalized and professional services with reasonable turnaround times for all my customers, big or small.

When it comes to this type of work, rest assured that you are in good hands of a trustworthy professional who:
  • understands the difference between verbatim translation and localization;
  • knows his stuff when it comes to any language-specific cultural nuances, dialects, idiomatic expressions, puns, and so on;
  • asks all the right questions to make sure that your content is precisely tailored to your target audience; or
  • does not ask any questions at all should you prefer not to be involved in the process of progressing the task in any way, shape, or form;
  • is open-minded, unprejudiced, non-judgemental;
  • is discreet.

Аs one might rightfully expect, a free no-obligation quote is always provided before you finally decide whether or not to commit.

My help is often available free of charge for charities, non-profits and good causes. Please bear in mind though that I can dedicate only a certain proportion of my time to unpaid activities, meaning that a case-by-case approach is inevitable. Your understanding is appreciated.

You can get in touch with me by one of the following means:
Send me an email to at your own convenience.
Use the Live Chat facility (powered by for a real-time conversation whenever I’m online or to drop me a few lines when I’m not.

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